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Entertainment Recommendations (Liebster #2)!

The very interesting Gene’O of Sourcerer, The Writing Catalog, and Part Time Monster nominated me for another Liebster! Thanks!

I did this a couple weeks ago so this is a truncated version. Basically the 10 questions to answer were: “What work of art/artist/character in each of the following categories do you recommend as worthy of attention today? (Doesn’t have to be your absolute favorite.)” so this is just a short recommendations post and advice to go check out Gene’O’s blogs! In lieu of nominations, if you’re a blog with fewer than 200 followers, (thus eligible for the Liebster), consider yourself nominated and share your own recommendations!

1. Novel or Long Poem, your choice – My favorite book I read in 2013 was Jack Glass: The Story of a Murderer by Adam Roberts. Awesome space opera.

2. Non-Fiction Book – I’m recommending a book I haven’t actually started yet, but one of the books we’re going to read for International Relations class is The Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker. It’s huge, allegedly full of statistics and evidence that the world is getting markedly less violent. I’ve read Pinker’s The Language Instinct and it was fascinating, so I’m really looking forward to this and you can expect more posts about it.

3. Author or Actor, your choice – I’m pro-Ben Affleck. He’s done some good movies, you guys!

4. Live-Action Film or Play, your choice – If you love books and writers, you’ve gotta see The Words. I’m usually folding laundry and checking Pinterest while I watch TV, but with this movie, I was staring at the screen the entire time. And for quite a few minutes after the movie had ended, while I tried to cope. Also this trailer features my favorite song, so…

5. Animated Film or T.V. series, your choice – Megamind is absolutely my favorite superhero movie, bar none. I say this in complete seriousness. I have seen this movie at least a dozen times.

6. Visual Art – Jack Long creates flower sculptures in splashing liquid


7. Musical Genre – I haven’t listened to much music in the past couple years, I haven’t had a working radio or time/money to fool with it, but I’ve been revisiting the music I liked in the 90s/early naughts. Apparently it’s called “alternative hard rock.”

8. Band or Singer – Okay, she’s a personal acquaintance of mine, but check out Lee Anna Culp. She’s amazing.

9. Superhero – I’ve been impressed by the New52 Wonder Woman series, at least as far as volume 2. I like the way it gets back to Wonder Woman’s Greek mythology origins. I can really believe these are the same gods that were around back then and that they’ve continued living and interacting since then, but at the same time, these interpretations feel creative and new. Plus the series had relatively cool female characters, in contrast to a lot of DC’s other new titles. I can’t speak for anything after volume 2 though.

10. Currently-running television series – As with Wondy, I can’t speak for newer stuff, but I can recommend the first four seasons of NCIS without reservation, even if you don’t usually like crime procedurals.

Thanks again, Gene’O!

2 thoughts on “Entertainment Recommendations (Liebster #2)!

  1. I like the way you handled the nominations. I’ve been having conversations about nominations here and there for a couple of weeks, and it’s interesting to see how differently people approach them.


    1. Sheer laziness. 😉 I thought the recommendations format was well suited to “I nominate everyone” nominations, though, and I do love hearing recommendations from other people.



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