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Semester Review: Fall 2013

I have to take exactly four classes every semester for financial aid reasons, and this time they were: Intro to Computers, American National Government, Science Fiction and Politics, and History of Modern Japan. Computers and Government were pretty basic and unremarkable. Sci-fi and Japan were quite interesting, longer posts will follow on those.

It was a good semester for the Amnesty International club, (which I talked about in My Amnesty International Story and A Short History of Amnesty International). AI paid for me and our Outreach Coordinator to attend the Southern Regional Conference, which was a really cool experience and a lot of firsts for me. Plus, hey, the club got an Outreach Coordinator this semester, got several awesome new members, and of course there was the continued awesomeness of the people who joined last year. So cool to meet other people who want to get involved in activism for human rights, and it’s great to see the club grow!

In the past four months, I was inducted into the Phi Alpha Theta history honors society, which is totally my first secret organization. I briefly met Lou Anders, launched this blog, finished my first short story in years, made quite decent progress on my novel, got a new job I really like, and helped deep-clean/repaint our living room. So, I’d say it was a semester of progress!

As usual, when I registered for next semester I was super happy, and then suddenly realized how intimidating my classes would be. However, they will include classes on nonprofit management, potentially very useful for me, and early Latin America, which may well be my PhD research area, so I’m excited. The Amnesty club will focus on outreach, letting more students know what we do and how to get involved. My personal goals are to do some independent research for this blog, launch a resources page here, write a few more short stories, and as always, work on that novel. I’m continuing a rewatch of Star Trek, currently almost finished with season 1 of the original series, and first-time watches of Supernatural and NCIS, in season 4 of each of them.

What are you proud of from this year? What are you reading, watching, planning to write about and do next? Have a happy New Year!

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