Hi! I’m Hannah Givens. I’m a history and political science student in Alabama, and an aspiring genre author. This is my personal blog, where I talk about things I think are important and/or interesting. It’s a tall order to be significant and interesting at the same time, so I’m just going to talk about whatever topics I happen find interesting and significant, including (but not limited to): history, fandoms, religions, animals, sexuality, political science, writing and authorship, and general oddities.

This is a blog about history, yes. The present doesn’t mean much without history. The reverse is also true — history doesn’t mean much without the present. Most importantly, history and the present are both full of interesting things, and all those things are connected!

Contact: hannahgivens@outlook.com

Students: I doubt you’re supposed to cite me in your papers. Instead, go to the sources I mention in each post or on the in-progress resources page. Those are more likely to be acceptable to your professors, but remember to evaluate each source individually.

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